The history of Ebrille was written by men who carried a family company to reach relevant international goals, tank to their passion, tenacity and farsightedness.

In the first years of 20th Century, Ebrille giovanni, by the settlement of the company thermo-hydraulic installation, paved the way towards today’s Ebrille Group of Nizza Monferrato.

His son, Attilio Ebrille, made the company a specialist in this field and carried it on, by putting together with the installation business a foundry to produce piping, laminated and lead siphons.

It is right in the Year 1978 that is such an advanced way, begins the conversion from the lead working to the transformation and covering of copper pipes. This conversion is contemporary to the incoming into the company of the current President, Mr. Giovanni Oscar Ebrille and his wife Maria Teresa, who in these years started the production on industrial scale, with some exclusive patents of insulating materials for copper pipes.

At the end of Nineties an important financial reorganization was made, by the foundation of today’s capital company Ebrille s.r.l. The continuous growth and the positioning of the brand on both domestic than international markets, allowed to the company to get relevant business successes.

In the year 1996 the Company Ebrille s.r.l. was the first in his field to get SQS ISO 9002 certification, assuring a management and production system which is able to meet the most complex market’s requirements.

The business ethics is a rule for Ebrille Family and his staff, being along the time a moral discipline in internal and external relationship of the company. For Ebrille, business is settled on clearness and transparency values. These values are also being transmitted in the manufacturing field.

Ebrille with is technology and continue experiment, has developed the concept of a rational use of energy resources, by manufacturing with the respect of the environment and producing high quality insulating materials made by recyclable polyethylene. The certification of the plants under the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004, as well the homologations in several European Countries, are assuring to the market a global reliability warranty. The Ebrille Group ran this way with enthusiasm and sacrifice, ready to stake himself up again, looking at new challenges.

At the end of Nineties when Ettore Ebrille, the fourth family generation, the settlement of the “Expanded Division” of the Group begun. The Complast srl was created as a specialist of manufacturing of pipes, plates and packaging profiles made by extruded expanded polyethylene.

The resolution, the management capability in dealing the most different situations and the dynamicity shown, brought the company up to the achievement of significant goals, thanks to whom the Expanded Division in the Year 2003, decided to make investments into the development of his own production process, by the settlement of the Monfertek srl. A fundamental step which was affirming the Groups willing to be more and more present into the insulation field, and generally for those about the expanded materials.

In the Year 2009, thanks to a careful and customer-oriented policy, with the purpose to fight against the market’s speculations, the companies Complast srl and Monfertek srl, were incorporated by the head of the Group, Ebrille srl.