Automotive industry

Part of our life is spent in cars or, more in general, using some means of transport. Thus our life on board must be comfortable. The Ebrille Foam Division range dedicated to this sector fully meets the wholly subjective parameters regarding comfort. Monferlene is the silent partner on your journeys, accompanying you discreetly, lessening the noise of the city, protecting you from extreme weather conditions, be they hot or cold.

Monferlene’s versatility means it can be found in simple versions , or combined with multiple finishing touches in fabric, technical film, cloth, eco-furs…, for padding, dashboards, door pockets, in the boot, under the bonnet or, more in general, as an internal heat/sound-insulator throughout the bodywork.

Describing each single product suitable for said sector would be a massive undertaking, so any clarification needed can be dealt with by our technical department.