Ebrilsplit CE

Is a copper tubing with an insulation coating made of an innovative mix of poly- mers that can withstand temperatures up to peaks of 120°C.
The coating has a vapour permeability of μ≥11.000, a heat conductivity capacity of λ=0,038W/(m*K) and it adheres perfectly to the copper tube, ensuring a high anti-con- densation performance.
The polyethylene foam is produced without hazardous gases (CFCs and HCFCs) in compli- ance with the EU Regulation No. 237/2000 and with the Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).
The perfect inner cleanliness of the copper tube is guaranteed by the seals of the ends at a pressure of over 70 tons.
Ebrilsplit (single tubing) is available in 50m and 25m coils and in 25m coils in the twin-tube version. Each coil is marked with progressive numbers at one-meter intervals.

Ebrilsplit CE Compliance Statement



    • Air conditioning systems
    • Conveyance of refrigerant fluids (R410A, R407C, R32)

    Copper pipe specifications

    • Cu-DHP phosphorized copper (Cu 99,9%, 0,015%≤P≤0,040%), with properties and dimensional tolerances in compliance with the Standard UNI EN 12735-1
    • Physical state annealed R220 N / mm2 surface quality characterized by residual quantity <38mg / m2 of internal surface

    Insulation coating specifications

    • Extruded closed-cell polyethylene foam
    • Color: white insulation coating with outer protective film in embossed LDPE
    • Fire retardant class according to the European Standard UNI EN 13501-1: BLs1d0

    Air conditioning

    • High insulating performance λ=0,038W/(m*K) average temperature detected at 40°C
    • Vapour Permeability μ≥11.000 for the best anti-condensation performance
    • Operating temperature: –45°C +110°C, up to peaks of +120°C