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It is the copper pipe coated with insulating agents that employ an innovative and completely recyclable polymer compound characterized by high thermal insulation performance.
The tubing has a permeability factor of μ≥11.000 which, together with its heat conductivity capacity and its perfect adherence to the alumi- num tube, ensure maximum anti-condensation performance.
The polyethylene foam is produced without the use of hazard- ous substances (CFCs and HCFCs) in compliance with the European Community Regulation No. 237 of 2000 and with the Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

Outer UV blocking film in aluminium
An outer protective film in aluminium protects the insulation from direct sunlight and other atmospheric agents, in order to make the pipe live longer. The seals of the heads at a pressure of over 70 tons ensure the perfect inner cleanliness of the aluminium tubes.
All the above certified characteristics and the special production process regulated by in-house specifications in compliance with the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, make our product suitable for all the systems installed in compliance with the Italian Ministerial Decree No. 37/2008.
EbrilsplitAlu is available in 50m coils. The pipe is marked at one-meter intervals.

Ebrilsplit Alu Declaration of Conformity


    • Air conditioning systems
    • Conveyance of refrigerant fluids (R410A, R407C, R32)

    Copper pipe specifications

    • Alloy EN AW 3103 chemical composition according to the EU Standard EN 573-3: 2013 with dimensional properties in compliance with the Standard UNI EN 13958: 2009
    • This alloy is extremely malleable and it can be bent several times without work hardening

    Insulation coating specifications

    • Extruded closed-cell polyethylene foam
    • Coating shielding against atmospheric agents and UV rays in aluminium film, thickness 20μm
    • Color: white insulation coating with an outer protective film in aluminium
    • Fire retardant class according to the European Standard UNI EN 13501-1: BLs1d0
    • High insulating performance λ=0.0381W/(m*K) average temperature detected at 40°C
    • Vapour Permeability μ≥11.000 for the best anti-condensation performance
    • Operating temperature –45°C +110°C according to EN 14707:2012 for cylindrical piping