Some researches carried out in our laboratories brought us to be the the first to create a product suitable for the special installation needs of gas adduction systems. The exclusive process extrudes the insulation directly on the copper tube. This is a special coating in semi-expanded closed-cell polyethylene, with longitudinal spacers around the tube, manufactured in compliance with the provisions set forth in the Stand- ard UNI CIG 7129.
According to this Standard, the copper tubing must not have joints or welds and must be protected by an outer coating when crossing solid walls, cinder block walls and prefab panels (without air spaces).
The flame resistance is certified in compliance with the Standard CEI EN 50086. Thanks to the special production process and the special 10mm interior section, that ensures the passage of air, our product is suita- ble for all installations in compliance with the Ministerial Decree No. 37/2008.
The peculiar star-shaped profile prevents the tube from breaking when it is bent using standard tube benders.
Newgas is available in 50m coils with a diameter of up to 18mm and in 25m coils with a diameter of 22mm.
The pre-insulated tubing is marked at each meter.
In order to guarantee quality and safety, each coil is tested at a pressure of 10 Atm and sealed at the tips with caps.

Newgas Declaration of Conformity



  • Systems using combustible gases for domestic use (GPL; Methane)

Copper pipe specifications

  • Cu-DHP phosphorized copper (Cu + Ag: min. 99,90%, 0,015%≤P≤0,040%), with physical-chemical and mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances in compliance with the Standard UNI EN 1057: 2010
  • The tubes have a CE marking, in compliance with the European Regulation CRP No. 305/2011 and the European Directive PED No. 14/68/EU
  • Physical condition annealed R220 N/mm2

Insulation coating specifications

  • Insulation in semi-expanded closed-cell polyethylene with longitudinal spacers around the tube
  • Color: yellow