Isomonflex – Monflex

The multilayer systems MonflexTM and IsomonflexTM combine the bene- fits of polyethylene crosslinking together with the silanes PE-Xb and the aluminium; the Pe-Xb outer and inner layers are manufactured in cross- linked polyethylene type B, which not only protects against mechanical or chemical aggression, but is also non-toxic and therefore suitable for the passage of drinking water.
The tube has a high performance adhesive layer, so that the polyethyl- ene can stick perfectly to the following layer in aluminium. This bond is very important to keep the quality of the pipe unchanged during the thermal expansion of the materials which undergo operational stress.
The aluminium sheet forms the intermediate layer and is cylindrically placed on the inner polyethylene piping.
This production method makes the pipe easy to model and totally impermeable to oxygen.
It complies with the standard UNI EN ISO 21003-1: 2009 and it is the ideal solution for the installation of heating and refrigeration systems and for the conveyance of drinking water.
Available bare (MonflexTM) or insulated (IsomonflexTM) in compliance with the European Directive 89/105/CE, Euroclass BLs1d0.

Isomonflex Declaration of Conformity

Monflex Declaration of Conformity


  • Conveyance of drinking water, heating systems and refrigerated water

Multilayer pipe specifications

  • PE-Xb / AL / PE-Xb crosslinked polyethylene B type with silanes
  • In compliance with UNI EN ISO 21003-1:2009
  • Color: white, blue, red
  • Max working pressure at 95°C 10 bar

Insulation coating specifications

  • Extruded closed-cell polyethylene foam, entirely recyclable
  • Insulation expanded coating in red, blue and white, with outer protective film in smooth LDPE
  • Fire retardant class BLs1d0 according to the European Standard UNI EN 13501-1
  • Compliant with law No. 10/91 and with the Italian Presidential Decree No. 412/93
  • High insulating performance λ=0.0381W/(m*K) average temperature detected at 40°C
  • Operating temperature: from –45°C to +95°C